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Mill Town Music Hall opened as West Georgia's largest concert and entertainment venue on January 28, 2012 and the community hasn't stopped singing its praises since. Even in its first year, the venue was home to quality wholesome entertainment covering multiple music genres. Mill Town Music Hall has most importantly helped revitalize the West Georgia area.

In its short history, Mill Town has hosted artists such as Toby Keith, Kenny Loggins, Sara Evans, the Oak Ridge Boys, Clint Black, Travis Tritt, the Charlie Daniels Band, John Conlee, the Isaacs, Ricky Skaggs, and many, many more.


Threads Custom Tailoring opens the door to a wide variety of resources that together create a unique, high quality garment. Choose exotic skins or finely spun American grown fibers with the right accents to perfect your look.


Over 50 years ago, Larry, Steve, and Rudy Gatlin started singing in their little hometown of Abilene, Texas, and from there went on to make music history. Over the course of a four-decade career that has taken the Gatlin Brothers from dusty Texas stages to White House performances, from Broadway to Grammy Awards to the top of the country charts, there has been one unifying element, music.

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Theirs is one of the most distinctive and recognizable sounds in the music industry. The four-part harmonies and upbeat songs of The Oak Ridge Boys have spawned dozens of Country hits and a Number One Pop smash, earned them Grammy, Dove, CMA, and ACM awards and garnered a host of other industry and fan accolades. Every time they step before an audience, the Oaks bring four decades of charted singles, and 50 years of tradition, to a stage show widely acknowledged as among the most exciting anywhere.

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For 45 years John Philbeck has been building Custom Made Shirts for clients from all walks of life. From past Presidents, Ambassadors, Governors to the everyday salt of the earth working man. he even has third generation clients because their grandfathers and fathers have passed down the secret of success, “be comfortable in your own skin”. The secret to this philosophy begins with the clothes on your back. “Good things aren’t cheap and cheap things aren’t good! Lets’ face it, you get what you pay for", says John.

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The Diamond Gusset® Jean Company was founded in 1987 to develop an entirely new jean concept utilizing a gusset for extra durability and enhanced comfort and to manufacture all our jeans from day one in the U.S.A. Since that time, there have been many changes in the apparel industry, and by most accounts Diamond Gusset should have disappeared along with many other companies that have struggled so hard to survive in this global economy. But instead of survive, Diamond Gusset is growing stronger than ever, and while most companies have gone offshore, merged, or have been totally eliminated, they have managed to grow on their foundations. Those foundations are simple - providing the most comfortable American made jean available while keeping one eye on history and the other on careful craftsmanship and continual improvement. This combination of tradition and innovation is one key why their customers are their best supporters of brand growth by continually providing vital word of mouth advertising for Diamond Gusset jeans.

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Liberty Legends USA is proud to announce Dr. Richie Bland as our next Legend. Richie's professional career has been a lifelong fight against cancer. Along with his medical expertise, his personal attention of encouragement and hope toward his patients has endeared him to families across America facing this devastating challenge.

Beyond his medical career, Richie stands out as one of the first hunters in the world to achieve North America's Archery Super Slam. The Archery Super Slam is accomplished by using only a bow and arrow to take down all 29 North American Big Game species. This feat, still only accomplished by a small handful of hunters, requires skill, dedication, determination and tremendous courage. All American traits!

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